Karin Conroy

Karin Conroy is not a lawyer who thinks marketing is fun. Karin has an MBA from the University of California and is a marketing consultant for law firms with a background in design, creative direction, and marketing management. Follow her @karinconroy.


Should Lawyers Offer Discounts To Clients?

Coupons, discounts, and free samples offer some incredible benefits. But if they are done wrong, these special offers can be ineffective and costly.


Use The Gestalt Theory For Your Website Design

Learning the Gestalt Theory is an essential stop to take in creating a beautiful and intuitive website.

calculating website monthly fees

Calculating Monthly Website Fees – Are You Getting Gouged?

Quick – what are you paying every year for your website? If you had to multiply by twelve to calculate the annual cost of a monthly website fee, you may be getting ripped off. The only legitimate ongoing fees you should be paying for your website are for your domain name (about $10/year) and hosting […]


Great Law Firm Website Design Inspiration

Let’s face it, most law firm websites are bland, boring, look like templates, and are just plain ugly. Year after year they continue to look the same. Over the past few years I have added a new version of this post, which is meant to provide inspiration for the design of your legal website. This […]


Imagery: the Cure for the Common Website

Generic images make your website looks generic. Use creative imagery that visually represents your firm and the needs of your clients.


Mailbox App – Awesome or Hype?

Mailbox has finally been released in the iTunes App Store amidst much excitement and hype claiming to transform your inbox and the way you use email.


Marketing Dashboards 101

A marketing dashboard is one of the best tools to bring your business strategies, history, goals, and aspirations all in one place.

Website Design Best Practices

Designing a website with a clear and targeted perspective can work wonders for your business and make it a raving success with just the right choice of layout and images.

Hiring a Photographer vs. Using Stock Photos

Hiring a photographer creates unique images for your website rather than the generic images usually found on stock photo websites.

Harvest for Invoicing and Estimates

Harvest is for estimates and invoices, and helps keep me efficient and automated.

Website Content : Getting it Done

Creating great website content takes time and requires skill and organization. Here are a few tips and resources to help you through the process.

Best Law Firm Websites, 2012 Edition

This year's post about best law firm websites is a little different. We want your input, please vote on our selection of the top 11 law firm websites below.