Karin Conroy

Karin Conroy

Karin helps lawyers improve their online reputation. Her firm, Conroy Creative Counsel offers smart websites for law firms. She has also been around Lawyerist since 2009, writing posts that have a smashing success, such as the Best Law Firm Website series.

A Successful Website: A Case Study

A successful website is a combination of design, execution, and achieving the objective. These concepts are reviewed in detail with a visual example as a case study.

Design by Committee will Ruin Your Website

Design by committee is the leading cause of website failure. If you are starting a website design project consider avoiding these traps that could ruin your website.

Karin Conroy

Getting Things Done with Siri for iPhone

Siri is the new iPhone personal assistant. She has captured attention because of her personality that comes through in her responses.

Karin Conroy

4 Keys to a Creative Website

Finding a creative website that is entirely unique and never been seen before is rare. How do you avoid the boring template look and achieve something creative?

Karin Conroy

A Brand Is Not Just A Logo

A brand is more than creating a logo and it is your customer’s experience. Branding is never just the logo and the brand should consider the customer experience.

Karin Conroy

Law Firm Promotion

Within a firm’s “Promotion Mix” there are five methods to consider. A promotion strategy should include a combination of the five methods to maximize the benefits.

The Oxford Comma and Other Punctuation Issues

The Oxford Comma is one of the sanest punctuation usages in the written language. Double spaces after a period is wrong and other punctuation issues.

Karin Conroy

Checklist for Creating a Great Law Firm Website

A great law firm website requires a lot of details to be successful. Using a checklist is one way to ensure that you get these things right.

Karin Conroy

Gmail Gets a Facelift

Gmail and Google Calendar have recently been enhanced. In this redesign Google says that they are working on integrating Gmail more with Google+.

Use Whitespace to Enhance Your Website

Without whitespace, your website would be confusing, cheap, and cluttered, and none of your messages will stand out from the clutter.

Does Google+ Put Google On the Plus Side?

Google just launched their own “Facebook killer”, Google+. Will this be the next Google fail?

Pro Bono or Free Work?

You want a client who understands the value of your time. It is high time we define the difference between charitable needs and leeches.

Karin Conroy

Can Altly Compete with Facebook?

Altly is approaching the modern day David vs. Goliath, an alternative to Facebook. Will it be possible to release the stranglehold that Facebook has on all of us?

Email Benchmarks: Keeping Up with The Joneses

knowing what the standards are for email opens and clicks in your particular industry can be helpful in keeping a realistic expectation, or knowing when something has gone wrong

Karin Conroy

Forget About The Fold

Forget about the mythical "fold" instead keep your core message within a safe zone while maintaining a quality design overall.