Karin Conroy

Karin Conroy

Karin helps lawyers improve their online reputation. Her firm, Conroy Creative Counsel offers smart websites for law firms. She has also been around Lawyerist since 2009, writing posts that have a smashing success, such as the Best Law Firm Website series.
Karin Conroy

How to Design an Effective Law Firm Logo

If you have decided to create a logo for your firm or redesign your existing logo, use the five principles of logo design.

Should Lawyers Offer Discounts To Clients?

Coupons, discounts, and free samples offer some incredible benefits. But if they are done wrong, these special offers can be ineffective and costly.

Karin Conroy

Why Your Law Firm Should Have a Logo

If you're willing to skimp on the face of your firm, be ready for potential clients to skimp on you. Make the investment, and better your logo with these simple tips.

Use The Gestalt Theory For Your Website Design

Learning the Gestalt Theory is an essential stop to take in creating a beautiful and intuitive website.

Calculating Monthly Website Fees – Are You Getting Gouged?

What are you paying every year for your website? If you had to multiply your monthly website fees, you may be getting ripped off.

Karin Conroy

Imagery: the Cure for the Common Website

Generic images make your website looks generic. Use creative imagery that visually represents your firm and the needs of your clients.

Marketing Dashboards 101

A marketing dashboard is one of the best tools to bring your business strategies, history, goals, and aspirations all in one place.

Karin Conroy

Website Design Best Practices

Designing a website with a clear and targeted perspective can work wonders for your business and make it a raving success with just the right choice of layout and images.

Karin Conroy

Hiring a Photographer vs. Using Stock Photos

Hiring a photographer creates unique images for your website rather than the generic images usually found on stock photo websites.

Karin Conroy

Website Content : Getting it Done

Creating great website content takes time and requires skill and organization. Here are a few tips and resources to help you through the process.

Karin Conroy

Best Law Firm Logos

Logos are important visuals that aide a firm in being memorable and support reputation of a law firm. A few of the best law firm logos are compiled for inspiration.

Sam Glover is Not Always the Best Role Model

DIY websites are not always the right answer, contrary to Sam's experience. Rather than learning website code, focus on managing your time wisely.

Karin Conroy

Hacked! How to avoid it

Hacked! Don't let it happen to you. Most of us are lazy with passwords. The threat of being hacked requires an aggressive protection strategy.

Website Design Inspiration from Other Industries

These websites were chosen as award-winning by other judges but are not from the legal industry; but they offer solutions worth reviewing.

Why Pricing Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Your pricing strategy is not just an accounting activity meant to balance the books, but a signal of the quality of your work and support for branding.