Karin Conroy

Karin Conroy

Karin helps lawyers improve their online reputation. Her firm, Conroy Creative Counsel offers smart websites for law firms. She has also been around Lawyerist since 2009, writing posts that have a smashing success, such as the Best Law Firm Website series.
Karin Conroy

How to Promote a Unique Value Proposition to Your Clients

Before you can market your law firm, you need to learn to define and promote a unique value proposition to your clients.

Karin Conroy

Vision, Value and Goals: Creating Your Law Firm’s Strategic Roadmap

Planning your law firm's long-term strategy and developing a business plan helps you achieve your goals. Follow these steps to get started!

Karin Conroy

Lawyers Should Use WordPress Instead of SquareSpace

Squarespace is an easy to use and attractive choice for website building. However, for scalability and flexibility, law firms should consider using WordPress instead.

Karin Conroy

7 Examples of Mobile Calls to Action for Attorney Websites

With so many potential clients accessing your firm's website from a mobile device, it is crucial that you have a mobile call to action that is both compelling and easy to find.

Calls to Action on Law Firm Websites: the Great and the Ineffective

Your law firm website's call to action (CTA) is an important marketing tool. Here are some good and bad examples of CTAs.

Why Some Law Firm Websites Didn’t Make Our Top 10

While reviewing the best law firm websites we saw a lot of good websites marred by obtrusive pop-ups, overly complex messaging, and other disqualifying issues. Find out what you should avoid.

The Lawyers’ Guide to Hacking Threats

As quickly as we build new technology to keep criminals out, hackers are working around the clock, and using sophisticated tools like Darkode, to climb your security walls. Prevent these attacks with a