Josh Camson

Josh Camson

Josh Camson is a criminal defense attorney with CamsonRigby, LLC. He blogs about opening his own law firm here at Lawyerist.


The Gentleman Lawyer’s Guide to Facial Hair

A proper beard makes a man more intimidating to his enemies. And since lawyering is about 90% mental, you should all listen up.


Avoid Malpractice this Holiday Season

Prepare ahead this holiday season to avoid ethical issues that can come up from your absence in the office and urge to give off-the-cuff legal advice.


Back Office Betties Virtual Receptionist Review

If you are coming from a service like Ruby Receptionists, Back Office Betties may not be worth the potential savings. Overall, it feels like a newer company trying to play catch-up with Ruby.


Making a List: The Conflicts Check

Checking for conflicts should be part of your intake process, because if you miss one, you could be subject to disqualification or even discipline.


Know Your Weaknesses

We look at how to evaluate your own weaknesses, and how the knowledge of those weaknesses can help you turn them into strengths.


Learning from Others

Instead of discussing iOS7 today, I wanted to share some lessons from people much smarter than me. Michael Dell, Thomas Edison, Oprah, and Warren Buffett all weigh in on values that can make you a better person, and a better lawyer.


MyCase Releases Quickbooks Integration; Rocket Matter Revamps Client Portal

We go hands on with the new MyCase Quickbooks integration and Rocket Matter's revamped client portal. We also look at what these changes say about the long term visions of these tow practice management software providers.


Learning Negotiation from an FBI Agent

Eric Barker, a contributor for and owner of the blog “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” sat down with Chris Voss to talk about negotiation. Normally that wouldn’t pique anyone’s interest, unless they knew that Chris Voss is a former member of the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit, and the former lead international kidnapping negotiator. He […]


Starting a Law Firm is Just Like Skydiving

As I found myself leaving the comfort of a perfectly safe airplane, I realized I had felt this way once before: on my last day at my old job.


Billing All the Time

We've recently decided to bill all the time we spend on every case. Is it a good decision? We'll see.


Ohio Court Scrutinizes Law Profs’ 17-Year Divorce Battle

When Sharlene Boltz and Christo Lassiter aren’t teaching the next generation of lawyers, they are engaged in a legal battle of epic proportions. Boltz and Lassiter, both law professors, married in 1986. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer the couple divorced ten years later. With today’s high divorce rate, that isn’t much of a story. But […]


Some Thoughts on Client Expectations

In a recent article in The Young Lawyer, Deanne Koll argues that lawyers can be readily accessible to clients while maintaining a life. Of course they can. But is there any need to be as available as Koll suggests? She argues that it is OK to give out your cell phone number, as long as […]


Three Mistakes I Made This Year That I Won’t Make Again

I’ve made three mistakes over the last year. None of them were life-threatening, but they all provided valuable lessons, some in and some out of the courtroom.


Hacking Your Morning Routine

I see fellow members of the bar rush into court with their tie half undone and their notes in disarray on a regular basis. A regular enough basis that I assume others must be struggling to get everything done in the morning. So it is with fellow busy morning people in mind that I share this advice.