Jordan Furlong

Jordan Furlong

Jordan Furlong of Ottawa, Canada, is an internationally recognized consultant and legal market analyst who forecasts the impact of changing market conditions on lawyers and law firms. He has addressed audiences throughout Canada, the U.S., Great Britain, Europe and Australia over the past several years, including law firms, state bars, courts, law schools, and numerous legal associations. Jordan is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and a member of the Advisory Board of the American Bar Association's Center for Innovation. He writes regularly about the changing legal market at

Rethinking Law-Firm Productivity Measurement for the Post Billable Hour Era

The traditional definition of law-firm productivity revolves around hours as outputs, but that's not how clients measure value.

Jordan Furlong

Deciphering the Millennial Lawyer

Millennial lawyers are restless, creative, and hard-working, and it is time for firms to embrace that.

Ask Your Clients to Help You Improve Your Client Experience

Your clients are the best judges of whether or not the user experience at your firm is a satisfactory one. Asking them to evaluate your firm's website and an office visit can be very valuable intelligence for you.

How Access-to-Justice Efforts Are Changing the Law

Alternative legal services are positioning themselves as part of the solution to the access to justice problem. What does this mean for lawyers?

The Decline and Renewal of the “General Practice” Lawyer

For many years, the idea of a general practitioner and a solo or small-firm lawyer were synonymous, but that is all changing.

What Makes Uber Tick, and What Lawyers Can Learn from It

Lawyers, like cab drivers, are useful and capable service providers who nonetheless are sabotaging themselves through their own lousy delivery models.