Don’t Look To Social Networking For New Business

Social networking for lawyers is all the rage. But don't use these tools to get new business. Learn why here.

Make your marketing stand out

Consumer lawyers are awful marketers — then again, all lawyers are awful marketers.  After all, we weren’t even allowed to advertise until Bates v. State Bar of Arizona was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1977. Look in your Yellow Pages or newspaper and look at all the ads for lawyers. They all look […]

10 ways for lawyers to increase marketing effectiveness

Lawyers, when faced with the prospect of marketing their practices, often look for places to cut a check—an ad agency, marketing consultant, TV station, online directory du jour . . . you name it. But the problem is that by taking a hands-off approach they are by necessity entrusting their business profitability on a third-party […]