Gyi Tsakalakis

Gyi Tsakalakis

Gyi Tsakalakis helps lawyers earn meaningful attention online because that's where clients are looking. He tends to write about legal marketing technology. He misses coaching football and is happy to discuss various strategies and techniques of defensive front seven play.


Authorship vs Video Snippets for CTR in Legal Search

Ever wonder about which earn better click-through for an informational legal search, authorship or video snippets? A recent study sheds some key insights.


Working On vs In Your Law Firm

There's a big difference between working as a lawyer in a law firm, and working as a business owner on your law firm.


Better Call Saul: The Best Law Firm Website

Looking for the best law firm website? Look no further, it's Better Call Saul from Arizona attorney Saul Goodman.


Can Legal Marketing Be Viral?

Everyone wants their marketing to "go viral." Even some lawyers. But can legal marketing truly go viral? Yes, it can. But should you pursue viral marketing at your law firm? Maybe, but probably not.

Example of Authorship rich snippet.

Authorship and Video Snippets for Lawyers

No matter how people initially find you, it’s likely that many of them will turn to the internet to gather information about you. And what they find (and don’t find) is likely to matter to them. One way you can help people find you in search engines, is to make sure that you’re taking advantage […]


Squarespace Review

What do I think of Squarespace? I'm glad you asked. I'm not a huge fan of website builders, but Squarespace seems strong, to quite strong.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker talks about social media and government.

Social Media, Mayor Cory Booker Style

What lawyers might be able to learn from Mayor Cory Booker's approach to social media.

A bad example of lawyer video.

Lawyers, Google+, YouTube & Online Video

For lawyers Google+, YouTube & Online Video can be a very effective way to demonstrate expertise and enhance their professional web profile.


Crappy Law Firm Internet Marketing: Who’s to Blame?

We already know that a lot of law firm interment marketing sucks. But why? Who's to blame? What's driving this market?

Google Trends

Google Trends: Web Search Interest for Lawyers

Using search data to develop the content on your law firm website and blog can help you supply your audience's demand for information online.

New Rules

New Florida Lawyer Advertising Rules

New Rules: Florida amends its rules regulating attorney advertising.


What Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Means for Your Law Firm’s Advertising

Google's enhanced campaigns upgrade might have serious consequences for legal advertisers if they're not careful.

What to do about bad review on Yelp.

Help! Bad Client Review on Yelp!

At some point, despite your best efforts, someone will probably say something negative about you online. Here are some thoughts on what to do after.

D   Edgar Degas   Madame Jeantaud in the mirror

Google Yourself

View your online footprint from the vantage point of those that might look for you online. Would you be motivated to contact you?

you can't do that on television

You Can’t Do That on Facebook!

Does your social media victory lap concern your availability for professional employment? You might be in violation of your state's ethics rules.