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Great Legal Marketing Advice: Thomas Goldstein

There’s a lot of legal marketing advice out there. So, when really great advice pops-up, it’s worth highlighting. In a recent podcast at ABA Journal, SCOTUSblog founder, Thomas C. Goldstein, shares some really excellent advice for business development and marketing. While some of Goldstein’s advice relates specifically to developing a Supreme Court practice, most of […]


Smartphone Website Mistakes Can Hurt Search Visibility

Whip out your smartphone. Navigate to your website or blog. What do you see? Is it easy to read and use? Have you implemented a responsive design or were you redirected to a mobile version of your site? If you’re making mistakes in the way your sites are configured for mobile, your visibility in search […]


Answering Inquiries

Lawyers are professional service providers. Which means, in addition to merely performing analysis and exercising judgment, you have to actually communicate with people. And people are going to try to communicate with you. Clients, potential clients, opposing counsel, colleagues, courts, etc, all vying for access to you. If you’re doing it right, you won’t have […]


Much Ado About LinkedIn Endorsements

Whether you’re unconvinced that LinkedIn is useful for anything, if you maintain a profile there, you should spend a minute or three understanding the potential consequences of approving endorsements. But that’s about all the time you need to spend. Not too long ago, Bob Ambrogi asked: Do LinkedIn Endorsements Violate Legal Ethics? Bob does a […]


Google Search App for iOS with Google Now Review

Lawyer: Computer, when is the Smith deposition? Computer: The Smith deposition is currently scheduled for July first. However, the weather forecast for Chicago shows an eighty percent chance of severe thunderstorms on that date, it’s the same day as your 25th wedding anniversary and you have an unread email from Mr. Smith indicating that he […]

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Multiple Websites & Blogs

Should lawyers have multiple websites or blogs? Here are some reasons why you might.


Workflowy Review

Workflowy may just be the best note-taking, list-making tool ever.


Tim Tebowing for Clients Publicity

What do you think of Morgan & Morgan's Tim Tebow to Jacksonville campaign?

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In (Blank) We Trust

Earning trust is probably the most important thing you can do to earn more business. But some lawyer don't make trust building a priority.


Authorship vs Video Snippets for CTR in Legal Search

Ever wonder about which earn better click-through for an informational legal search, authorship or video snippets? A recent study sheds some key insights.


Working On vs In Your Law Firm

There's a big difference between working as a lawyer in a law firm, and working as a business owner on your law firm.


Better Call Saul: The Best Law Firm Website

Looking for the best law firm website? Look no further, it's Better Call Saul from Arizona attorney Saul Goodman.


Can Legal Marketing Be Viral?

Everyone wants their marketing to "go viral." Even some lawyers. But can legal marketing truly go viral? Yes, it can. But should you pursue viral marketing at your law firm? Maybe, but probably not.

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Authorship and Video Snippets for Lawyers

No matter how people initially find you, it’s likely that many of them will turn to the internet to gather information about you. And what they find (and don’t find) is likely to matter to them. One way you can help people find you in search engines, is to make sure that you’re taking advantage […]


Squarespace Review

What do I think of Squarespace? I'm glad you asked. I'm not a huge fan of website builders, but Squarespace seems strong, to quite strong.