Gyi Tsakalakis

Gyi Tsakalakis

Gyi Tsakalakis helps lawyers earn meaningful attention online because that's where clients are looking. He tends to write about legal marketing technology. He misses coaching football and is happy to discuss various strategies and techniques of defensive front seven play.

Yelp v. McMillan: Law Firm Astroturfing?

At least some people use Yelp, and other rating sites, in their searches to find a lawyer. Good and bad client reviews on Yelp can have an impact on people’s perceptions of you. And they appear prominently in SERPs. So, it makes sense for lawyers to concern themselves with what’s being said about them there. […]

Websites for Rent?

Considering buying or renting a law firm website? Do you know how to tell the difference? Hundreds, if not thousands of lawyers don’t own their own websites. They rent them from their web marketing company. And many of them don’t even realize it. Years ago, when I first started researching the legal website marketing space, […]

Yext PowerListings Review

If you market your practice in local search results, you know that having accurate, consistent location information across the web is a major ranking factor. Yext is software that allows businesses to update their location information across a bunch of sites, maps and apps. Here are some things to think about if you’re considering signing-up. […]

Evernote Tips & Tricks

Evernote Tips, Resources and Review

I agree with Sam, “Evernote is one of the most awesome bits of software ever made.” And we’re not the only ones. According to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Rob Walker, as of Feb. 2013, “Evernote says it has 50 million users around the world (a third in the U.S.) and is adding 100,000 a day.” However, because […]

$500, Your Law Firm and SEO

A couple of weeks ago in The LAB, Sam asked: Can solos really compete with big SEO budgets? I think this is a topic worth a little more discussion, so I’m going to expand on my response here. Before we get to the “what lawyers can spend $500 to market their practices online” part, we […]


Hold up. You’re spending time and money on web marketing without setting goals? Are you frakin’ nuts? How do you know whether any of this “stuff” is working? And by working I mean meeting your goals. Oh wait… In my experience, when most lawyers think of web analytics they think of “hits” to their site. […]

In Defense of WordPress

Getting started with with WordPress is quick and easy. Which has made it extremely popular. But as WordPress popularity has grown, so too has the giant target on its back. But with some basic settings, policies and plugins, you can protect yourself from 99% of the attacks you might face. Before we get into the […]

Google Adwords on iPhone

Google AdWords Local Mobile Law Firm Case Study

As Google continues their enhanced campaigns upgrade, some of the first enhanced AdWords campaign numbers are beginning to emerge. From Inside AdWords: Florida-based law firm worked with its search software and agency partner, WordStream, to upgrade its campaigns. The two teams completed the upgrade – including a full update of Colombo & Hurd’s mobile, location, […]

Survey Says: Your Website Needs Improvement

Looking for feedback about your law firm’s website? Was your site overlooked by Sam, Aaron and Greg? You can now use Google consumer surveys to measure your visitors’ site satisfaction for free. Perhaps the best way to improve your legal website or blog is to listen to what your visitors have to say about it. […]

Google Local Carousel and Your Law Firm

On June 18, Google announced their interactive “carousel” of local results on desktops. While I haven’t seen the local carousel for law firms yet, it’s probable that these results are coming. If you rely, at least in part, on local search for business, the local carousel may have a significant impact on your traffic. Here […]