Gyi Tsakalakis

Gyi Tsakalakis

Gyi Tsakalakis helps lawyers earn meaningful attention online because that's where clients are looking. He tends to write about legal marketing technology. He misses coaching football and is happy to discuss various strategies and techniques of defensive front seven play.

Should Law Blogs Allow Comments?

Do law blogs in general have the kind of niche audience (lawyers) that makes comments better than usual?

Yelp for Lawyers

How To Build Links for Your Law Firm Website

How To Implement Accountability in a Law Firm

Every lawyer's ultimate accountability is to clients. However, many lawyers are also accountable for meeting business goals—regardless of whether they are solo or work for a large firm.

From Clicks to Clients: How To Implement Call Tracking

Fortunately, with very little technical know-how and a little software assistance, you can gain deeper insight into how clients are finding you with call tracking.

Real Lawyer SEO Secrets Revealed

Website Metrics 101: Hits, Pageviews, and Rankings

Hits, pageviews, and other metrics don't matter if you don't know the goal of your site.

Why You Need to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

If your website is slow, doesn't work on mobile devices, and looks the same today as it did in 2000, you might put up an "under construction" page instead.

Should Law Firms Focus on Social Media or Search Engine Marketing?

Social media and search engine marketing are in one basket. Put your eggs in it.

No Disguise for that Double Vision

Yelp v. McMillan: Law Firm Astroturfing?

At least some people use Yelp, and other rating sites, in their searches to find a lawyer. So, it makes sense for lawyers to concern themselves with what’s being said about them there.

Websites for Rent?

Considering buying or renting a law firm website? Do you know how to tell the difference? Hundreds, if not thousands of lawyers don’t own their own websites. They rent them from their web marketing company. And many of them don’t even realize it. Years ago, when I first started researching the legal website marketing space, […]

Yext PowerListings Review

$500, Your Law Firm and SEO

A couple of weeks ago in The LAB, Sam asked: Can solos really compete with big SEO budgets? I think this is a topic worth a little more discussion, so I’m going to expand on my response here. Before we get to the “what lawyers can spend $500 to market their practices online” part, we […]