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Bloodlines (2017 Short Fiction Contest Winner)

Paola Paterlini's short story, "Bloodlines" is the winner of Lawyerist's fourth annual short-fiction contest.

Fish Out of Water (2017 Short Fiction Contest Runner Up)

Joan Leotta's short story, "Fish Out of Water," is the runner up in Lawyerist's fourth annual short-fiction contest.

Preparing for E-Discovery

Preparing for E-Discovery, Step Three: Preservation of Evidence

When you are preparing for e-discovery, it is important you advise your clients about how to preserve electronic evidence.

Counterpoint: No, Lawyers Should Not Learn to Code

Law is in crisis, and technology could help. But teaching lawyers to code isn't the answer.

Preparing for E-Discovery

Preparing for E-Discovery, Step Two: Opposition Research

When preparing for e-discovery, you need to make sure you do some effective opposition research first. Here's how.

The Forgettable Man (2016 Short Fiction Contest Runner-Up)

"The Forgettable Man," by Albert Tucher, is the runner-up in Lawyerist's 2016 Short Fiction Contest.

How My Eating Disorder Took Over My Law Practice and My Life

While I've battled my eating disorder for most of my life, it has only recently taken hold and forced me to pay attention. My inability to focus on anything other than food and body image threatened to take down my life and my firm, so I made a hard decision. I scaled back my practice and entered treatment.

Preparing for E-Discovery

Preparing for E-Discovery, Step One: the Client Interview

It’s safe to say electronic evidence—text messages, digital photos, cloud storage, and the internet of things—will be involved in every new case you have. As a result, it’s important you prepare to produce and request electronic evidence from the start of your case.

Now Is the Time to Rethink UPL Regulations

It’s time for lawyers to rethink UPL. We are facing a drastically changed, and rapidly changing, landscape. Lawyers need outside expertise to respond to the demands of the increasingly savvy client and consumers of low-to-moderate means.

The Meaning of Emojis in Evidence

The law used to be a discussion of the meaning of words, but today, words are being replaced at every turn by visuals. With the availability of data and analytics, measuring the usage of the succinctly shareable and expressive emoji is a boon to the lawyer’s interpretive arsenal.