The Difference Between Confidentiality and the Attorney-Client Privilege

Attorneys often confuse the ethical concept of the duty of confidentiality and the evidence concept of the attorney-client privilege. Let’s clear up some of that fuzziness.


Strategic Planning for Law-Firm Success and Growth

"The world is complicated. It doesn't stay the same forever."


Office 365 or Google Apps — Which to Choose?

The future may be arriving, but it choosing between Office 365 and Google Apps is still a complex endeavor. Here is what you need to know.


Making It Sing: How Rhetorical Writing Techniques Can Improve Legal Writing

Legal writing does not need to resemble a cross between a nineteenth century sermon and a treatise on higher mathematics.


Alternative Billing That is Friendly for Lawyers and Clients

Clients are demanding alternatives to the billable hour, and that is changing how solos and firms are behaving in light of these new expectations.


How To Serve Clients Pro Bono

Attorneys doing pro bono work are on the decline. Here's how you can help.


How to Relocate Your Law Office

Moving your law firm can be pricey, challenging, and risky. Maximize the benefits of a relocation by minimizing costs and recruiting new hires and clients.


How Lawyers Get into Trouble with Technology

When it comes to lawyers using technology, it appears that common sense is a lot like Bigfoot. You hear people talk about it, but you don’t invest your own money looking for proof.


The Death of Punishment: Searching for Justice Among the Worst of the Worst

If you want to read a book about the pros and cons of the death penalty, this is not it. The Death of Punishment fails to do much more than further Professor Robert Blecker's career as a crusader for the death penalty.


A Prosecutor’s Life After Meth

From the very first time I tried meth, I loved it. Nothing had ever made me feel as happy or alive or confident as meth did.


Barely Legal (2014 Short-Fiction Contest Runner-Up)

James Ly’s short-story, “Barely Legal” is the runner-up in the first annual Lawyerist Short-Fiction Contest. Fresh out of NYU. My first real job. I had just been hired to be a clerk for a mid-size law firm in New York. It was my opportunity to observe attorneys at work before deciding whether I too wanted to take on more […]


Have Solos Been Priced Out of SEO?

The economics of search-engine marketing have changed drastically over the past three years, driven by a flood of lawyers getting into SEO, along with search engine algorithm changes that have increased the complexity (and therefore cost) of bringing search-engine traffic to a website.


What Jurors Think About Attorneys

Regardless of the verdict given, what attorney—having argued a case—hasn’t come away wishing for more insight into the minds and perceptions of the jurors? Given ten years of data from systematic surveys of jurors, some patterns in their responses emerge.


Argle-Bargle, Mumbo Jumbo, and Other Legal Gobbledygook

Just what is “argle-bargle,” and why would any appellate justice—much less one of Justice Scalia’s stature—use such a phrase in a momentous judicial opinion?


Bar Associations are Failing Lawyers

There are 33 mandatory state bar associations and 20 voluntary state bars. Each of them is failing their members.