Graham Martin

Graham Martin

Graham Martin is an attorney in Minneapolis, focusing on contracts. He runs the Pro and Contracts blog, and would like to become a senior partner in a law firm without being an associate first. If you have an in, you should take it first, but give him a heads-up as well.

Fraud in Ceglia Facebook Suit May Spell Trouble for Former Lawyers

Former lawyers for Paul Ceglia may face legal ethics problems for failing to report fraud to the court in the course of their representation.

Supreme Court Considers Lawyers’ Challenge to Wiretapping Laws

The Supreme Court heard a case regarding whether lawyers have grounds to challenge a portion of FISA based on the potential interception of privileged communication.

Legal World Closings Due to The Super-Duper-Mega-Frankenstorm

Above the Law has compiled a handy list of closures due to Hurricane Sandy's mashing of the East Coast. Check it out if you might be affected.

Include An Accountant in Attorney-Client Privilege

Robert W. Wood describes the case law and technique for including an accountant in the attorney-client privilege for sensitive financial matters.

Justice Scalia: “Take the Bread and Butter Courses”

Justice Antonin Scalia's advice for law students is to take rudimentary classes and avoid the "frill courses."

Bribing Government Officials is Okay Under $5,000

A Chicago zoning inspector's conviction was overturned when the court determined the bribes he accepted did not meet the statutory threshold.

Defendant’s Ridiculously Fantastic Opposition Memo in North Face Motion

The North Face has brought a motion against parody company The South Butt, resulting in a document full of butt and bowel examinations.

Debt Collection Lawyers to be Overseen by CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau passed a rule allowing it to regulate debt collectors making more than $10 million annually--including lawyers.

Seventh Circuit: Indiana Cannot Withhold Medicare Funds from Planned Parenthood

The Seventh Circuit just issued a ruling prohibiting Indiana from withholding Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood.

A Roundup of Thoughts on Recent DOMA Decisions

Lawyerist News rounds up some thoughts and analyses on the recent Second Circuit decision that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.