Graham Martin

Graham Martin

Graham Martin is an attorney in Minneapolis, focusing on contracts. He runs the Pro and Contracts blog, and would like to become a senior partner in a law firm without being an associate first. If you have an in, you should take it first, but give him a heads-up as well.

Confusion Ensues in Sentencing of Anna Nicole Smith’s Boyfriend-Lawyer

Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend-lawyer, Howard Stern, recently received a confusing appellate ruling on his request for a new trial on charges of conspiracy.

Next Week in Legal News

Find out the shocking truth about the scandalous happenings in next week's legal news on Lawyerist.

Minnesota Bans Free Online Education by Coursera

Minnesota recently notified Coursera that it is not allowed to provide its online education to Minnesota residents without the state's permission.

Apple Ordered to Make Public Apology to Samsung

Britain's Court of Appeal has ruled against Apple in its European suit against Samsung, and ordered it to publicly apologize to Samsung for the suit.

Lawyers Have No 1st Amendment Right Regarding Judges

The Eleventh Circuit rejected a lawyer's appeal for insulting a bankruptcy judge, ruling that the first amendment does not supersede professional conduct.

University of Iowa Law School Sued on Political Bias in Hiring

Teresa Wagner is suing the University of Iowa Las School in federal court, accusing the school of not hiring her due to political bias.

Big Law Firms Taking “Suicide Prices” to Keep Business

As business drops off for big law firms, many are reducing their prices to unsustainable levels to try to keep up with ballooning overhead. Will they survive?

Manufacturers Liable for Gun-Related Crimes?

An Appellate Court in New York recently ruled that gun manufacturers and distributors can be liable for crimes committed with firearms they sold.

Reading Someone’s Webmail Not A Violation of Stored Communications Act

The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that searching another's webmail is not considered a violation of the Stored Communications Act.

Bank of America’s Ethically-Questionable Legal Fee Arrangement

Bank of America is trying to get a credit on its legal bills for referring customers to the law firms it uses. Is it ethical for the firms to do this?

Sixth Circuit: Ohio Must Count Improperly-Cast Votes

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Ohio must accept provisional ballots cast in the wrong precinct if led to do so by poll-workers.

South Carolina Voter ID Law Upheld

A Federal District Court upheld the legality of South Carolina's Voter ID Act today based on a reasonable impediment provision, and delayed its implementation.

Judge Calls Copyright Troll’s Bluff, Sets Trial Date

Judge Michael Baylson has set a bellwether trial to assess the validity of Malibu Media's copyright infringement claims based on bit torrent use.

Lawyer Lied to Partners about Billable Hours; Faces 18-Month Suspension

Wisconsin lawyer Matthew Siderits faced the state's Supreme Court over a possible 18-month suspension for lying to his law firm partners about billable hours.

Lawyer Jobs Account for Only 10% of New Law School Grads Per Year

Lawyerist breaks down the numbers on lawyer jobs and law school graduation in the United States, illuminating the stark reality of the legal market.