Graham Martin

Graham Martin

Graham Martin is an attorney in Minneapolis, focusing on contracts. He runs the Pro and Contracts blog, and would like to become a senior partner in a law firm without being an associate first. If you have an in, you should take it first, but give him a heads-up as well.

Disbarred? It Could Be Worse …

Louisiana lawyer James Turnage was recently disbarred for practicing while disbarred...for 8 years. The Louisiana Supreme Court was not happy.

Canadian Judge’s Plagiarized Ruling Deemed Impossible to Review by Court of Appeals

A Canadian Court of Appeals threw out an appeal due to the trial court's plagiarism of attorney's briefs in the matter.

Lawyer Biographies Are The Most Popular Law Firm Website Content

A recent LexisNexis study on law firm marketing shows that lawyer biographies are by far the most viewed content on law firm websites.

Biglaw and Parenthood Don’t Mix

A departure memo by a mother leaving her biglaw job details the inherent difficulty in excelling in law and parenthood.

Law School Job Numbers Suit Dismissed with Prejudice

One of the many lawsuits brought against law schools for inflated employment numbers has been thrown out by a judge in Chicago.

Money Money Money Money Money

American Lawyer magazine published data on the salaries of Biglaw non-equity partners, showing a large disparity in pay and responsibilities.

Responsibilities (and Salaries) Rising for In-House Counsel

More space and more cash is being made available for in-house attorneys. Check out the numbers on median salaries and increased job duties.

News Flash: Beating Client with A Baseball Bat is Unethical

A West Virginia attorney has had his law license annulled for beating a client with a baseball bat. Whatever for?

NY and NJ Courts Still Closed; Some Deadlines Extended

New York and New Jersey courts remain closed in the wake of hurricane Sandy, and deadlines have been extended for affected cases.

The Legal Job Market IS as Bad as It Seems

The Washington Post published an article outlining the continuing problem with high law school enrollment and low legal career options.