Eric Voigt

Eric Voigt

Eric Voigt teaches legal research and writing at Faulkner University, Jones School of Law. As the founder of R+W Legal Consultants, he develops and presents interactive CLE courses on legal research and writing. Eric streams his most popular courses online, allowing attorneys to earn CLE credit from the comfort of their home. Eric also blogs on how to persuade judges and research with free online services.

How To Lose Your Case

I didn’t realize that attorneys would prefer to lose, not win, their case. But if your goal is losing, this article is for you. Be sure to incorporate these ideas from my law clerk friends into your motions and briefs — if you want to lose your case.

Reduce Legal Research Costs with Google Scholar

If you are seeking ways to reduce legal research costs, you should use Google Scholar to find cases and secondary sources — for free.

Eric Voigt

How to Attack Adverse Authority

What should you do when your opponent cites authority in a motion or brief that appears directly on point? Panic. After you finish panicking, you need to determine two threshold issues.