Deborah Savadra

Deborah Savadra

Deborah Savadra is editor and chief blogger at Legal Office Guru. Her 22-page Fast Formatting Fixes guide can solve virtually any Microsoft Word formatting problem in two or three keystrokes. You can follow her on Twitter at @legalofficeguru.

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Taming Microsoft Word’s Paragraph Numbering Feature

Microsoft Word's paragraph numbering feature can be daunting, even for experienced users. Here's how to use it successfully in your documents.


Using Microsoft Word’s Table of Authorities

If you regularly have to produce legal briefs in Microsoft Word, you already know that one of the most painful tasks occurs at the end: compiling the Table of Authorities. Here's how to mark citations and insert a Table of Authorities in your next brief.

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How to Restrict Others’ Formatting in Microsoft Word Documents

Here's how to lock down Microsoft Word formatting when you send out documents for group editing.

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How To Restrict Others’ Edits in Microsoft Word Documents

Stop document reviewers from giving unwanted feedback. Here's how to restrict others' edits in Microsoft Word documents.


How to Format an Appellate Brief

The complexity of appellate briefing requirements can make your head spin even before you try to translate them into a Word document. This comprehensive guide to building an appellate brief in Word will get you started.


4 Annoying Microsoft Word Features You Should Turn Off

Microsoft Word sometimes gets in the way. Here are four annoying Microsoft Word features you'll want to turn off.


Use Word’s AutoCorrect as a Text Expander

You don't need dedicated text expansion software in Microsoft Word. Use AutoCorrect as a text expander instead. Here's how.

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How to Insert Symbols in Microsoft Word

Here's how to insert symbols and special characters in Microsoft Word, including using shortcut keys and AutoCorrect entries to speed up the process.

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Fix Microsoft Word Formatting Instantly with 3 Shortcut Keys

Have a Microsoft Word formatting emergency? Here are 3 essential shortcut keys to fix text formatting fast.

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How To Fight Inbox Overload with Outlook

The busier your law practice, the more overwhelming your email inbox becomes. Here are three tools in Microsoft Outlook to help manage all those emails.


Auto Numbering Microsoft Word Documents: Beyond Paragraphs

If you've ever wanted to automate numbered headings (like "Article One", etc.) in your briefs, contracts, etc. to make editing easier, it's easier to set up than you think. And combined with Quick Parts, they're endlessly re-useable, too. Learn how to deploy this trick in your documents and forms.


The 5 Most User-Hostile Microsoft Word Features

Microsoft Word doesn't always win awards from users for its intuitiveness. Here are five features that could be a lot easier than they are, with some suggestions for working around them in a pinch.


DIY Law Firm Letterhead Using Microsoft Word

No longer see the point of having printed letterhead sitting on your shelf? Do your own "on demand" electronic letterhead in Microsoft Word. Here's how.


Fixing your #@(*$#)$( Single-Spacing in Microsoft Word

Single-spacing your text in Microsoft Word ought to be easy. But it isn't. Here's why it's so maddeningly difficult, plus how to fix it ... permanently.


Three Microsoft Outlook Quick Tricks

As useful as it is to learn new techniques for increasing your productivity like using tasks and categories to organize your matter workload or make delegating easier, sometimes it's the little things — features you might not even think to look for — that can make otherwise mundane tasks much easier.