Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson is President of NarrativePros, a professional actor, law professor and immigration attorney.

Guarding Against Emotion With “Reality TV”

Witnessing others' emotional reactions to stressful situations can help attorneys deal with their own instances of overpowering emotions.

Clients Gone Wild: Episode 4

"I'm a doctor of law. I'm not here to teach you. You come to my university, you pay for it."

How to Survive Depositions Gone Wrong

A preview of panelist commentary from an innovative online, movie-style ethics CLE based on the case GMAC v. HTFC.

Powerful Public Speaking Through Genuineness

Public speaking can be enhanced with an attention to genuineness developed through practice, feedback and relaxation techniques.

Depositions Clients Gone Wild!

"You Don’t Speak for Anyone Here Except Yourself, F*ckface."

Better Public Speaking by Failing Faster

Public speaking is primarily about taking care of the audience. Governor Perry's gaffe teaches to fail fast and avoid drawing emphasis to missteps.

Perfecting Persuasion Through Practice and Feedback

Attorneys can more accurately communicate and persuade audiences through routine practice and feedback.

A Memorization Trick to Boost Persuasion

Practicing memorization techniques can improve your ability to command complex information when time is short and the stakes are high.

A Good Story Guides Good Argument

Integrating a clear, concise and memorable story increases the accuracy your audience's perceptions of your writing and arguments.

Fighting Nerves With Deep Breathing

Attorneys can reduce nervousness and strengthen their vocal performance by practicing deep breathing technique.