Cari Twitchell

Cari Twitchell

Cari Twitchell has been helping lawyers create web content that attracts and converts their ideal clients since 2007. She has an affinity for creating copy that actually sounds like her clients, and loves talking all things marketing, business development and Disney.
Cari Twitchell

6 Critical Pages to Include on Your Law Firm Website

Put thought, effort, and professional services to use in planning, designing, and building these 6 critical pages on your law firm website.

Law-Firm Website Pet Peeves: Websites That Get It Right

A lot of things can go wrong with your law firm website. Here are some examples of websites that avoided a lot of our pet peeves.

Cari Twitchell

5 LinkedIn Profile Features You Need to Get Right

Many people don't leverage the full power of their LinkedIn profile. Here are five ways to make sure your profile stands out.

Cari Twitchell

10 Elements of a Successful Law Firm Website Home Page

Your law firm website can be a great tool to capture prospective clients, but you need to make sure it follows some simple rules for success. Here are 10 tips to help make that happen.

8 Pet Peeves of Law Firm Website Content

There are lots of ways your website can end up with bad content. Here are 8 things law firm websites should avoid.

20 Legal Marketing Ideas for Slow Days

Everyone has slow days, but you can make the most of those days with these quick marketing tips.

How to Put Your Website’s Metadata to Work for You

Your website's metadata matters, and well-crafted metadata can compel users to reach out to your firm. Here's a guide on how to make your metadata work for you.

Cari Twitchell

How to Tailor Your Web Presence to Your Marketing Goals

Not every law firm needs a blog or a social media presence to be successful online. Cater your strategy to your marketing goals.

How to Turn Lawyers into Better Writers

By and large, lawyers fall into two camps: those who loathe admitting that their writing needs help and, worse, those who do not even realize it. Set aside your ego. It’s time for some introspection and, hopefully, action.

An Essential Networking Ingredient: Followup

When it comes down to it, networking is nothing other than opening yourself up to new relationships and new possibilities. This requires you to get out there and follow up.

3 Steps to Measuring Content Marketing ROI

Content marketing is a lower-cost method of reaching prospective clients. As with every other marketing effort you pursue, you must know how your efforts impact your law firm’s bottom line.

Cari Twitchell

How To Write Your Practice Area Page

The role of your practice area page is more detailed than the other pages on your website. It is often the page your clients will pay attention to the most, and will heavily influence whether or not you are the right lawyer for them.

Cari Twitchell

Cultivating Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are the lifeblood of new clients for lawyers. But ensuring that a steady stream of referrals continues to roll in is not easy. Use these tips to build a referral base that brings in clients for years to come.

9 Steps to an Effective Content Marketing Plan

If you are willing to put time and money into marketing yourself, you need to follow these nine steps to build a content strategy that will achieve your law firm's goals.

Content Marketing: What It Is and How To Do It Right

You can no longer rely solely on paid ads and word-of-mouth referrals to attract potential clients. Instead, you need to create and share content that draws in and engages potential clients with content marketing.