Bobak Ha'Eri

Bobak Ha'Eri

Bobak is a myth, he doesn't exist.

DA Takes Case to Grand Jury, Finds Self Investigated

A DA's office in Texas decided to present a case against a whistle-blower to a grand jury, only to find themselves placed under investigation.

Some Notaries Pretending To Be Lawyers

Some public notaries are taking advantage over cultural confusion over their legal duties to trick poor immigrants into hiring them as counsel.

Truther Lawyers Earn Judicial Wrath

Attorneys suing the government on behalf of the 9/11 Truther movement ran into a roadblock when the 2nd Circuit handed them sanctions and penalties.

Court: “Rum Fireball” Suit May Proceed Against Bacardi

Woman's suit against Bacardi moves forward after court notes that despite warnings the company promoted its "Bacardi 151" for pyrotechnic uses

Scalia: “Deep Dish Pizza” Not “Pizza”

Justice Scalia proclaimed that, while tasty, the deep dish variety of pizza from Chicago is heretical to the original meaning of the word.

Linking Not Libel According to Canadian High Court

Supreme Court of Canada ruled that hyperlinking to defamatory material on the internet doesn'tt constitute publishing the defamatory material itself.

IL Case Hinges on Difference Between Terrorist Threat and Rap Lyrics

Campus police search student's impounded car and find note they claim makes terrorist threats but student claims were rap lyrics.

Shipper’s Mistake Leads to “Arms Smuggling” Fiasco

An American convicted on arms smuggling charges in the UAE after he was sent the wrong boxes is clear to sue his moving company in US court.

Drunken Dad Discovers Designated Drivers Daren’t Be 9yo Daughter

A drunken man who took his 9-year-old daughter on a "driving lesson" discovered that the law frowns on the activity.

Viacom Seeking to Revive YouTube Suit

Viacom seeks to overturn summary judgment favoring YouTube in its $1 billion lawsuit against the site and parent company Google.