Temporary Marriages?

Mexico City is considering a new "temporary" marriage license that would let couples decide how long they stay together.

Five Signs You Might Be an Old Codger Lawyer

C. Hank Peters is kind of a legal industry idiot savant, keeping it real and speaking truth to power. Sometimes, power is an old codger in a hot tub. Just saying. If you find yourself speaking Latinglish, or you know what machine facsimile refers to, you might be an OCL (Old Codger Lawyer). I’m filing […]

Should Law Students Sue Their Law Schools?

“Sure, go ahead and sue, it’s the new way to complain. But don’t expect to get any of the following out of the lawsuit: a full-time job, a part-time job, or a job at KFC.” Seriously, there’s nothing like sitting across a deposition table from the gunners in your graduating class. Only they landed good […]

The Seven Habits of Highly (In)effective Partners

Are BigLaw partners the polar opposite of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? It sure seems like it. Read The Seven Habits of Highly (In)effective Partners on Bitter Lawyer.

Will a Law Firm Overlook Bad Grades for Good Experience?

Maybe, but when you compete for jobs that are few and far between, employers are not generally willing to take a risk on a “lower-tier” candidate when they can just pick from, honestly, T1 grads who are in the same boat but with better grades and more impressive resumes. It’s the harsh reality, probably the […]

6 of the Largest Damages Claims

The biggest damages claim of all? $999 decillion. How much is that? If one decillion (much less 239) dollars was divided among the Earth’s population, each person could receive a lump sum of 166 septillion dollars, or, without taking into account any annuity earnings, could receive 16 quintillion, 600 quadrillion dollars a year for one […]

Avoiding OCI’s Landmines

For the past six years, I’ve been able to successfully block out the incredibly mortifying and traumatic memories associated with my performance during the merciless cage fight of OCI. But the recent mini-parade of second-round interviewees through the halls of my office triggered a flashback, thereby unearthing my long-buried recollections. So I figured I might […]

Deposition Poetry from Bitter Lawyer

In a new column, the Bitter Poet merges a deposition with Charles Bukowski’s Bad Times at the 3rd and Vermont Hotel. It’s definitely unique, and it’s either totally awesome or a travesty of poetry. Check it out and let us know.

Interview with Will Shortz, Puzzlemaster

Will Shortz graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law. But he always knew he had a higher calling — or should we say callings: New York Times crossword puzzle editor, puzzlemaster of NPR’s “Weekend Edition Sunday,” star of the hit documentary “Wordplay,” ping-pong aficionado, and real life Riddler.