Barron Henley

Barron Henley

Barron Henley is a lawyer and founding partner of Affinity Consulting Group, where he helps automate and streamline legal departments. He works with firms on document assembly and automation, and is an expert on Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, HotDocs, and other law-practice software. Barron does teaching and training on law practice management, technology, and ethics throughout the US and Canada.

5 Microsoft Word Rules You Must Follow

Following these five rules of Microsoft Word will save you time, frustration, and money.

Evaluate Your Writing with Word’s Readability Statistics

Writing for your audience means keeping your words simple and your sentences succinct. Use Microsoft Word's readability feature to help you make this happen.

Dear Lawyers: It’s Not Word, It’s You

Microsoft Word has some terribly complicated aspects and obscures some of its best features. Instead of bemoaning this fact, spend some time with a good manual or hands-on class.