Anna Massoglia

Anna Massoglia

Anna Massoglia is a public policy professional, researcher, and writer based in Washington, D.C., where she works researching campaign finance law issues related to politically active nonprofits.

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Your Practice Isn’t a Used-Car Lot: Puffery and Virtual Offices

The advent of technology that allows a lawyer to practice from anywhere has created a host of ethics issues.

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Big Unanswered Questions on Big Data and Ethical Obligations

Big data is transforming the legal profession, but big ethical questions remain.

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How to Stop Your Phone from Leaking Private Information to Everyone You Call

Sometimes you don't want Google to automatically share all of your personal information just because you've made a phone call. Here are some simple steps you can take to lock down your private information.

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The Voodoo and How-To of Lawyers’ Duty to Search the Internet

Judges have come to expect that lawyers will use the internet to locate parties. The debate goes on, however, as to how attorneys should use the internet when it comes to jurors.

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Uber’s Secret, Encrypted, Far-Reaching Investigation Into Opposing Counsel

Uber has taken extraordinary measures to investigate a plaintiff–and his lawyer.


The Founding Fathers as Lawyers

On this Fourth of July, remembering the many founding fathers who were also lawyers.


OneDrive for Lawyers User Guide

OneDrive is Microsoft’s entry into the field of cloud storage. It joins Dropbox and Box as an online storage solution. Although both Dropbox and Box are more widely known, OneDrive is starting to gain traction, particularly given its tight integration with Microsoft Office. Here is what you need to know to get started with OneDrive.

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Mapping In-House Lawyers from Ethical Champions to the Comfortably Numb

In-house attorneys report facing significant ethical challenges in their workplace.

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Unbundling Legal Services Could Open the Door to Innovation

A new paper argues that deregulating the legal industry could increase competition, technological advancement, and innovation.

Internet forms a virtual bridge by which people can communicate with each other.

Can the Internet Help Bridge the Justice Gap?

Widespread access to legal information via the Internet may help close the justice gap, but the profession has many other access issues to address.


Galactic Disputes: Judges Channel the Wisdom of Star Wars

Making legal jargon understandable to the general masses is a big job. Some more creative judges think outside of the box to get their point across through pop culture references. With all of the hype surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens,  it should come as no surprise that Star Wars references are seeping into judicial opinions. Arbitration […]


The State of Women in Law

While the gender landscape in the legal profession is clearly changing, there is an irrefutable amount of work that still needs to be done to continue empowering women in law.


Why Are Lawyers and Judges Still Tweeting About Trial?

The new year is still young. Perhaps one resolution should be to stop tweeting about your trials from the courtroom.


6 Times the Law Spoiled Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us. For some, it’s the time of love and romantic gestures. For lawyers, however, it is more often a time for lawsuits.


10 Places You Would Never Think to Advertise a Law Firm

From the clever to the unorthodox and the downright strange, here are a few places you would never think to advertise.