Anna Massoglia

Anna Massoglia

Anna Massoglia is a public policy professional, researcher, and writer based in Washington, D.C., where she works researching campaign finance law issues related to politically active nonprofits.

The Founding Fathers as Lawyers

On this Fourth of July, remembering the many founding fathers who were also lawyers.

microphone at court house

Courtroom Live Streaming Finally Goes Big League

137,000 people tuned into the Ninth Circuit to hear oral arguments on Trump's travel ban, but most federal courts languish far behind the Ninth in providing real-time access to their arguments.

Amazon Echo Is Both Useful and Risky For Lawyers

Amazon's Echo device, which you command with your voice, can be a great tool for lawyers, but it can also be a huge risk.

12 Times the Holidays and the Law Didn’t Mix as Well as Eggnog

Sometimes, the holidays are fraught with lawsuits.

The Ethics of Ghostwriting for Pro Se Litigants

Ghostwriting is an effective way to provide assistance for a pro se litigant. However, jurisdictions differ on how much assistance triggers a duty to disclose that a lawyer has ghostwritten a pleading. Here is a guide to which states require what levels of disclosure.

Lawyer Videos That Push the Boundaries of Dignity and Good Taste

Zombie lawyers, puppet attorneys, and more make an appearance in this roundup of YouTube lawyer advertisements.

Twitter Account Verification for Lawyers

Verifying your Twitter account can increase your visibility, appeal, and credibility. Here's how.

Your Practice Isn’t a Used-Car Lot: Puffery and Virtual Offices

The advent of technology that allows a lawyer to practice from anywhere has created a host of ethics issues.

Big Unanswered Questions on Big Data and Ethical Obligations

Big data is transforming the legal profession, but big ethical questions remain.