Allison Shields

Allison Shields

Allison Shields is a law practice coach and consultant with Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. She writes the Legal Ease blog and the Lawyer Meltdown e-newsletter.

Lawyer Referral Fees: Worth Paying?

Are referral fees a smart business practice or an ethical nightmare?

How to Run Effective Meetings

Meetings can be a huge waste of time for lawyers. Make yours more effective and waste less time with these tips.

Attorney-Client Confidentiality and Email

How the ABA addresses email communication and how it affects lawyers' duty of attorney-client confidentiality.

How to Build Your Law Practice Like a Kid

The basic principles of running a law practice are the same common-sense business principles kids use in neighborhood businesses.

Are Billable Hours Eroding Trust Between Lawyers and Clients?

Billable hours are again being scrutinized as a result of alleged overbilling by a large law firm. Is hourly billing eroding the trust between lawyers and clients?

Law School: Is Two Years Enough?

A proposal to New York allow students to sit for the bar exam after only two years of law school has generated some debate. Is two years enough?

Client Selection: Bad Client Warning Signs

Bad clients drive out good clients. Learn why lawyers accept bad clients and what warning signs you can watch for to avoid them.

Women in Law: Losing Ground?

Are women losing ground in law? Statistics show stagnation or minimal growth in the number of women in law-related leadership positions.

New LinkedIn Features Helpful for Lawyers

LinkedIn has made significant changes to both personal and company page profiles and added new features to increase engagement.

Practical Client Service

Client service is a value all lawyers say they deliver, yet clients remain dissatisfied. What practical steps can lawyers take to improve?