Alexis Martin Neely

Alexis Martin Neely

As the CEO and founder of the Family Wealth Planning Institute, Alexis is revolutionizing the way legal services are provided to families and small business owners throughout North America. Join Alexis' Law Business Revolution and receive over $22,500 of practice-building resources with no strings attached.

Do It Yourself — For Now

The do it yourself (DIY) attitude is common for solo and small firms who want to manage expenses. But sometimes DIY limits your focus and productivity.

In Danger of Going Out of Business?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been connecting with lawyers who are struggling mightily to make this law business thing work. Know anyone like that?

What Drives You? Dan Pink Interview on Lawyer Motivation

Lawyer motivation interview with Dan Pink about his new book, "Drive".

Adapt Business Strategies of the Wealthy for Your Law Practice

To succeed in practice, seek support and collaboration from others in a mastermind group.

Alexis Martin Neely

Eliminate Cancellations and Take Back Your Time

If you have been experiencing cancellations, take these four steps and watch your cancellations disappear. Once you begin valuing your time, your prospects will, too.

Alexis Martin Neely

What Kind of Lawyer Do You Really Want to Be?

Law may be your profession, but this is your life. With a few simple shifts in your career or entrepreneurial path, you can start practicing in an area of law that provides meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

Alexis Martin Neely

Confessions of a Bad Law Firm Businesswoman

Run your law firm like a successful business by building a solid LIFT (legal, insurance, financial and tax) foundation.

Alexis Martin Neely

Give Your Clients the Red Carpet Treatment to Succeed in This Economy

There is good news from the current economic crisis, great service can still lead to a great income.