indecisiveclientWhen it comes to making decisions in legal affairs, almost every one is important. Many times, clients are either in the dark about what the options are, or incapable of making a decision because of the implications attached. When your client is stuck, try a couple of these techniques to help them out.

  1. Understand their needs. If you cannot fathom why your client is considering settling a six figure case for much less than that, put yourself in their shoes. Maybe they need rent money, or buy clothes for their children. Clients come to lawyers because they need, and never forget to look at things from their perspective.
  2. Talk in normal talk. Do not explain the precedent from the Sixth Circuit to your client. Tell them what the law is and how it applies to their particular set of facts—but tell them what it means in normal English. Many times, clients just do not understand what an attorney is saying—and simplifying your words can bridge the gap.
  3. Distill the options. A whiteboard can really help here. If the client is frozen in terror of the various options, draw them out, one by one. Sometimes a visual interpretation is enough to clarify things for the client. Even more so, talking it through again should help you get a better grasp on the options, and help your client make an advised choice.

How to Work with Indecisive Clients | Sitepoint

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