Are You Afraid of Malicious Hackers?

Bloomberg Law’s Lee Pacchia reports on a case of espionage by (apparently) Chinese hackers who broke into two law firms representing the parties to a mining deal that the Chinese government hoped to stop. Reporter Mike Riley suggests that law firms are the “weak link” in the security chain, in part because lawyers aren’t used to dealing with it.

What do you think? How much time and money should law firms spend on data security? Where does data security rank on your list of priorities?

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  1. Avatar Carlos says:

    Last year I listened to the podcast titled “The Deplorable State of Law Firm Security” in the Legal Talk Network Show. One of the speakers who is a lead at SANS Instate a recognize security firm, said something back then that stuck to me and that I totally agree with, paraphrasing: “Security in the Legal Industry is about five behind the rest of the world”. You can listen to that podcast here:

    The reports references too two facts that are true:
    1. Partners don’t want to be bother and don’t like to be told no because of any reason.
    2. Bigger international firms, think AM100s, are usually pretty solid on this area. Now, the problem is that there are only 100 or so of those, and the rest of the industry sees security as an unnecessary expense because attorneys abide by the ABA ethical rules and they will always do the right thing….

    Now, I do believe that we technologists are at fault as well. We focus on telling attorneys they can or can’t do this or that because they will get a virus, the network and data will be unsecure, blah blah blah. The problem with this is that all the attorneys hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher garble. We need change that and as security professionals focus on what matters to the firm and the language that they understand: Risk. By talking in terms of risk management will pay more attention and we will understand each other better. That’s how we’ve been able to gain credibility in my firm and the relationship has improved dramatically and we are making strides and are positioning the firm to be caught up with the state of security in the very near future.

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