notgeniusbarThe iPhone is a sweet product and incredibly useful, but the Genius Bar needs serious improvement.

A few months ago I had issues with my iPhone turning itself off unexpectedly. When I went to Genius Bar and told them my problem, I was told “well sir, I’m not saying I don’t believe you, but iPhones do not just turn themselves off and I have never heard of that.”

That was not cool. Neither was the solution—“back up your iPhone and do a full restore.” I drove to the mall to get insulted and then told to essentially wipe and iPhone and start from scratch?

Last weekend, I went to the Genius Bar with three questions. First, my iPhone has inexplicably stopped pushing new MobileMe emails to my iPhone. The Genius verified my settings were correct, and then said “well, that’s weird. It shouldn’t do that. I would back up your iPhone and do a full restore.” My eyes began to roll.

Second, my iPhone will not connect to my office’s wi-fi router. After explaining that my phone could previously connect to the network, I was told to first erase my network settings, and then do a backup and full restore if that did not work.

Third, I asked about some security issues. The “Genius” had never heard of the issue. At that point, I was not surprised.

My visit ended with, “well, try the restore, and then if things are not working, come back in.” That is not what I call productive or helpful. Apple could just email me and tell me to do that before coming into the store, rather than wasting forty-five minutes of my Saturday.

Let me save you some time. If your iPhone has a problem, do a backup and full restore. I learned that from not one, but two “Geniuses.”

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