In our forum, Dan Sherman just outlined his custom case management solution:

I’ve been playing with Knack recently. It’s a hosted database & interface service, all access is via a web browser. You can use it with Zapier, so for example, creating a new client in Freshbooks also creates a new client in Knack.

It also integrates with WebMerge (my new favorite document assembler), so when I generate an engagement letter, it also triggers a new card in Trello and assigns it to the relevant people.

A custom solution like this is perfect for us because we work with consultants, who are attached to many clients, and the usual practice management systems (or even basic CRMs) don’t understand that. Now we can easily find clients working with Consultant A, see what their project status is, etc.

A solution like this obviously isn’t for everyone. Lots of people just want to pay for an all-in-one system that does everything and keeps things simple. But if that doesn’t work for you, now you can connect most services together to get the exact functionality you want.

Also, it’s more fun to hack together your own solution that does just what you want with the tools you prefer. If you can be more productive that way, it’s probably worth the time it takes to set up (as long as you don’t spend excessive time maintaining the system).

So if you are struggling to get your case management system to work the way you want it to, maybe it’s time to experiment a bit.

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  1. tmb52 says:

    I have looked and Webmerge and it is pretty cool but if you get the starter at $29 a month for 30 merges it is basically $1.00 per document that seems awfully expensive to me. Merge tech is part of Clio and Lexicata and several other practice management app so I am not sure that Web Merge even makes sense

    • Jason Gershenson says:

      Agreed…the Webmerge platform is really nice, but the 30-document limit is rough, especially if you want to run multiple drafts of the same set of documents. An alternative “a la carte” doc assembly platform is Ultradox, for use with Google Docs, 5€/month.

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