On myShingle, Carolyn Elefant has a two-part postmortem on a solo practice started by a BigLaw refugee. It looks like he kept it up for a bit less than two years, which is a decent time to gauge the likelihood of success. However, like the last postmortem we saw, just as it looked like things were starting to turn around, he got a better offer.

I suppose it should be no surprise that a steady paycheck (especially a good one) is an effective lure for solos who really want to have a job, not to own a business. This is good news for those who never wanted a solo practice in the first place (although I don’t think this solo thought he was in that category); starting your own business can definitely lead to employment by someone else’s.

Read part 1 and part 2 on myShingle.

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  1. shg says:

    You might not have read the posts with a critical eye. Try again, then figure out whether the writer’s self-assessment of both his past and future as a solo bears out as well as your (and Carolyn’s) posts suggest. Pay particular attention to part II and the takeaway.

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