Andy Mergendahl is a Contracts Analyst at a national commercial bank. He negotiates contracts with the bank’s service providers and suppliers and analyzes existing contracts.

Andy is a Hamline University School of Law graduate. He has worked as a Certified Student Attorney at the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, as Judicial Law Clerk to Judge George T. Stephenson in Minnesota’s 2nd District, and as a solo practitioner in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Before law school Andy served in the U.S. Army, worked in hazardous waste management, and spent 10 years as a graphic artist. His favorite typeface is and will always be Garamond.

Andy writes in solidarity with those huddled masses of lawyers striving to fight the good fight in cube farms everywhere. He lives in Hudson, Wisconsin, with his wife, two kids, and two cats. Follow him on Twitter: @andymergendahl.

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