Analyze Facebook Marketing

Facebook can be a key component of your social media marketing plan. Using Google Analytics with your website or legal blog shows you detailed information on who is visiting. Once you know your audience, you can modify your marketing accordingly.

Although Google Analytics cannot be used with Facebook, a new analytics tool from webtrends will provide a bevy of information on your firm’s Facebook page.

The new tool can integrate with other analytics tool, which is a big plus if you use them. The tool can provide information on how much traffic Twitter is driving to Facebook. You can also track how blog posts do or do not drive traffic to your Facebook page. If you use Facebook as part of a serious marketing effort, this is all information you want to know.

There is a free Facebook analytics tool called Facebook Insights. Insights, however is usually about three days behind in terms of statistics, and does not provide nearly as much information as the new tool from webtrends.

(photo: CoreyHarris)

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