megaphoneThere are tons of apps than can make your iPhone extremely productive for a lawyer on the go, but here are a few more worth adding.

Eye Glasses ($3). When you cannot tell whether that signature is legit, or cannot read a number during document review, pull out your iPhone and use Eye Glasses. The app can magnify at 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x.

Shoeboxed (free). Take a picture of your lunch receipt or the business card someone just handed you, and Shoeboxed will interpret the data, making it much easier to organize.

Evernote (free). Similar to Shoeboxed, Evernote uses the iPhone’s camera, along with the voice recorder. You can record voice memos (although you can already do that with the iPhone 3GS) and take pictures of whiteboards with text, and Evernote will interpret the text. Think of Evernote as a multi-function version of Shoeboxed.

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