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We talk quite a bit about the popular trends toward alternative billing at law firms.

So that begs the question: Do you use alternative fees in your law practice?

Please 10 seconds to let us know.

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  1. Kevin Houchin says:

    I think “alternative” is the new norm. :-)

  2. Joe Strummer says:

    Pet Peeve: The phrase “begs the question” does not mean to raise the question. Question begging is a logical fallacy, where someone puts forth a true proposition without bothering to support it through argument. So the phrase is used improperly above.

  3. Certain practice areas have been flat fee based forever, like criminal defense. Almost all my cases are done a flat fee (since I only do criminal defense work). One aspect of flat fees that recieves too little attention? The risk management aspect. The client can control their costs with a flat fee.

  4. I use some flat fees and some hourly depending on the case. I also try to make sure the clients know a budget ahead of time.

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