Lawyerist is a media partner for ALM’s 6th Annual Law Firm Marketing and Business Development Leadership Forum in New York City on May 19th and 20th. Although this is traditionally a forum for medium and large law firms, solo and small-firm lawyers and marketing consultants can learn a lot, too. Here are some of the sessions on the agenda:

What’s Trending in 2015?

The pressures on the legal industry have never been more intense but firms are rising to the challenge of distinguishing themselves as value-driven, creative service providers. Or are they? We’ll start the event with an expansive look at trends in the legal industry including:

  • Structural changes to cut costs without sacrificing quality of service
  • Ancillary business
  • The new law

Discounting Discounts: A Collaborative, Value-Add Approach to Fee Negotiations

For over 7 years it has been open season on discounting legal fees, both hourly and fixed. Buyers of legal services want to ensure they are getting fair value for their budgets, in a market that continues to be oversupplied. But any fee negotiation technique that relies exclusively on pressuring law firms to lower their margins has a natural limitation. In this session we will explore the extent to which those limits have been reached, and whether it is time for a model based on greater collaboration between client and counsel, a collaboration that can be supported and facilitated by procurement and business development. Specifically we will discuss:

  • The inherent problems with discounting legal fees
  • The ways in which both buyers and sellers of legal services perpetuate these problems


  • Making Waves and Effecting Change
  • Demonstrating Differentiation and Reaping the Rewards of Competitive Advantage
  • Unsexy Essential: Choosing & Maintaining a Customer Relationship Management System
  • Resource Allocation: How Do You Choose What Initiatives to Prioritize?
  • Creating a Cohesive Digital Strategy Across Your Firm

Connect the Dots: Translating Content Marketing Hits Into Concrete BD Wins

Congratulations, your firm has 20K Twitter followers, industry-leading blogs, and a massive LinkedIn group. Achieving these content marketing heights took time, innovation, and significant injection of cash. But how are you demonstrating ROI to firm management? Who’s reading and reacting to your thought leadership, and how can those dots on your metrics report be connected to measurable objectives and goals?

Solo and small-firm lawyers can email Krishna at ALM for a special discount on the registration fee. (Firms of 50 or more can use the code LAWCMO50 at registration for a 50% discount.)

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