Allegory Litigation Management Software Raises $500k

Allegory Law is powerful cloud-based litigation management software. It is built for litigation teams to keep track of evidence and witnesses and link everything together. Allegory previously raised $1 million, and it is supported by paying customers. The new round will enable Allegory to expand its reach and feature set.

As litigation management software, Allegory is in the same general category as CaseMap and FactBox. The pricing isn’t public, but there is a free trial so you can check it out. And after talking with founder Alma Asay, I can say that the pricing probably isn’t for small firms with small cases. But firms managing complex litigation will probably find the pricing very reasonable.

One of the challenges in evaluating software from a startup like Allegory is assessing the risk that it will fail. While a successful fundraising round is no guarantee, it is a solid vote of confidence in Allegory’s future. If you are in the market for litigation management software, I think Allegory should absolutely be on your list of software to consider.

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