First Look: Allegory Litigation Management Software

Allegory is cloud-based law practice management software built for litigators. It is based on the premise that trial binders—those unwieldy but necessary nightmares—could be both digitized and improved. Because of that, it is only intended for—and useful to—attorneys engaged in the type of litigation that involves a lot of documents and a legal team with whom you need to share them.


Since it is geared towards litigators with resource- and research-intensive cases, Allegory looks different from most law practice management software. Instead of the usual single-screen dashboard that allows you to create a new case, new task, calendar item, time entry, expense, etc., you get a dashboard that allows you to do only three things: create a new case, see your list of cases, and see a “news feed” of all activity in your cases.

Once you select a case, you get a ribbon of selections that is geared towards replicating the experience of the document-preparation side of trial prep. You can choose to add or view the correspondence related to the case, the transcripts and filings, the work product, and more.

The real appeal of Allegory, however, is its concept of binders. No one likes the tedious process of creating a discovery-ready binder or a binder for a witness to review or a trial binder, particularly when those binders have some, but not all, of the same material. The chance you can miss a document or end up with the wrong document in the wrong binder can be high. Allegory fixes that with on-the-fly creation of binders.

Name the binder, choose what goes in it, either by individual document or broad category, and you get a collection of documents that you can quickly rearrange by criteria like tab, date, or Bates number.

You can then print the entire binder with one click and have it attach slip sheets, turn the binder into an e-file set, and more.

allegory print binder

Obviously, you still have to be rigorous about getting your case material into Allegory for it to work well. But if you do that, it will do a lot of the heavy lifting of organizing those documents for you.


Allegory doesn’t publish pricing information but will give you a free trial and pricing if you contact them. However, it is designed to manage complex litigation and therefore isn’t likely going to be cost-effective for small firms with small cases.

Final Thoughts

Allegory drastically speeds up the process of organizing and producing trial documents. In tandem with that, it drastically decreases the possibility of the errors that creep in when you’re arranging and rearranging those trial documents physically.

Allegory won’t replace your law practice management software in full, and it isn’t trying to do so. You would still need a program or programs to track your time, expenses, manage your overall (non-case) calendar, and handle your accounting, among other things. However, not all law practice management software needs to be a one-stop solution or a one-size-fits-all. Just as with LawStudio and FileVine, Allegory is staking out a claim to be a great fit for a specific type of firm, rather than a tolerable fit for all types of firms.

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