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This ain’t your momma’s Affinity Partner Program, that’s for sure. We hand-picked some of the most innovative businesses in our industry and encouraged them to come up with big, hairy, audacious discounts for our tribe.

These companies offer products and services that support inclusive, client-centric, future- and profit-oriented law firms like yours.

Plus, we combined these leading vendor discounts with our ever-expanding library of premium content and our diverse team of experts.

Improve your practice, improve your life, and save money. Join the tribe!

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Saving You Money on the Best Products and Services

With the discounts available through Lawyerist’s Affinity Partner Program, you can easily cover the cost of your annual Insider Plus subscription and the first month (and then some) of your Lawyerist Lab or Lab Pro investment.

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If you’re already a member of the Lawyerist tribe and you just want to jump straight to claim your Affinity Partner benefits, you can do that right here: Claim your Affinity Partner Benefits.

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