If you have occasional trouble collecting from clients, you might want to consider experimenting by tapping their emotions with your next invoice.

Paperclip a picture of your daughter’s soccer championship, or you and your spouse volunteering at a local event. Or maybe even include a personal photo as part of your invoice (as the veterinarian did in the example on the right).

This can serve two purposes. First, it humanizes you and taps your client’s emotions as they decide which bills to prioritize this month. Second, it builds your “know, like, and trust” factor, improving your long-term relationships with clients and engaging them on a deeper level than their other service providers.

Emotionally Intelligent Invoices | Dan Pink

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  1. Avatar Karen Lundquist says:

    I wonder if a scan of my bank statement would get their emotions and sympathies going and get them to pay…they can see how low my bank account will be (and is!) without their money!

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