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Here’s what we’re listening to this week.

The Unbillable Hour: “Law Firm Accounting: Empowerment by the Numbers”

Micky Deming, director of business development at Kahuna Accounting, talks with host Christopher Anderson about attorney misconceptions regarding bookkeeping. They also discuss how important it is for lawyers to commit time and effort to accounting in order to make good business decisions.

Robert Half Legal Report: Strengthening Diversity: A Business Imperative for Today’s Law Firms

In this episode of The Robert Half Legal Report, host Charles Volkert talks with Dawn Siler-Nixon about current diversity trends and law practice management strategies that will help ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace.

ABA Law Student Podcast: “Broken Promises and Public Service Loan Forgiveness”

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program allows public service attorneys to make ten years of on-time payments while in their public sector role. After that time, the loans were to be forgiven. However, the Department of Education recently changed some of the rules as to qualification and was sued by the ABA. Linda Klein, the president of the ABA, talked with the ABA Law Student Podcast about this program and the steps the ABA is currently taking to address the issue.

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