The marketplace is exploding with cloud storage options, many of which are attractive to lawyers. Another option, however, is keeping your information on one computer, and using a program to remotely access your work computer.


Ignition is an application available for iPhone, Android, and Windows. Ignition allows you to access a computer (presumably your office computer) from your smartphone or another computer. Instead of pulling files off of a cloud, you are instead working on your office computer from a remote location.

Is it secure?

In some ways, Ignition is more secure than cloud storage—because files stay in one place. If you are remotely accessing your work computer, you can access files, but you cannot pull things off of the computer you are remotely accessing.

Of course, if you use your smartphone to access your work computer, and you lose your smartphone, there could be an issue. But you first need to have a valid login and password to access the Ignition program. You can simply choose to have Ignition not remember your login info, and thereby requiring that info everytime.

In addition, you can setup your computers to require authentication for remote access. That means everytime you attempt to remotely access them, you need to manually enter a username and/or passcode. Make sure your smartphone has a passcode lock, which makes it even more difficult to get into your smartphone.

That provides three walls—smartphone password, Ignition password, and computer password. No security is airtight, but three password walls is pretty good and arguably better than just having one password to access cloud storage.

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