A year ago, CuroLegal proposed a “moonshot” for the legal industry: eliminate the access-to-justice gap within 10 years. CuroLegal went on to build access-to-justice tools like Hate Crime Help and Legal Checkup for Veterans.1 But a moonshot takes more than just one company, however innovative. Eliminating the access-to-justice gap is going to take courts, bar associations, legal aid organizations, legal tech innovators, private lawyers—everyone with a stake in the future of law.

This year, CuroLegal founder Chad Burton and law practice innovator Billie Tarascio approached us to see if we could figure out a way to work together to accelerate the pace of innovation around access to justice. If we’re going to the moon in 9 years, we need to be trying more ideas now. So we put our heads together and came up with a plan.

The result is CuroStudio, launched earlier this week. CuroStudio is a new partnership between CuroLegal, Lawyerist, Billie Tarascio, and the Mile 2 software development shop. It will be a place for testing more solutions, faster, by offering supportive services, access to outside investment, and guidance. CuroStudio will help prove concepts and get them off the ground.

Initial projects include:

  • The Global Legal Hackathon
  • A cryptocurrency for the legal industry.
  • Blockchain for legal transactions.
  • Law firm business model innovation.

Plus, we will be actively looking for opportunities to bring ideas into the CuroStudio ecosystem. Exciting things are happening around machine learning and artificial intelligence, chatbots, DIY legal services, and much more. We know some of the projects will fail. That’s the point. Innovation is a cycle: research, design, test, evaluate, repeat.

Read more about CuroStudio in the ABA Journal.

  1. Both projects were led by former CuroLegal partner Nicole Bradick, who recently started her own legal tech design shop, Theory and Principle

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