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Here’s what we’re listening to this week.

Legal Toolkit: “How Can Lawyers Solve the Access to Justice Problem?”

Host Jared Correia talked to Keri Norris, Chief Legal Office at Legal Shield, about how lawyers can help solve the access to justice issue. Access to justice is a problem that has several aspects: some people can’t afford lawyers, some don’t know how to find a lawyer, and some are looking for services not all lawyers provide. Jared and Keri talk about how technology can facilitate attorney-client relationships and what bar associations are doing to solve the problem as well.

Digital Detectives: “Crisis Management After a Data Breach”

For this episode of Digital Detectives, hosts John Simek and Sharon Nelson talked to Brian Wommack. Brian leads the strategic communications practice of Cameron LLP and advises on high-stakes issues like cyber intrusion and data breach planning and response. Learn about the common mistakes people make when dealing with a data breach, the best way to handle a breach, and how to prepare for potential threats. Finally, they discuss creating a contingency plan, including drafting beforehand how you would tell your clients your firm suffered a breach.

The Show about Science: “Alphanatomy with Karen Bucher”

If you’ve been meaning to find a podcast you could listen to with your children—a podcast you wouldn’t hate to have to listen to—The Show about Science is here to help. Nate Butkus is 6 years old, in first grade, and gets to talk to scientists about what they do. For this episode, Nate talked to Karen Bucher, the senior medical illustrator for the Journal of the American Medical Association. She’s the author and illustrator of Alphanatomy, a children’s book that has a different anatomical feature for each letter of the alphabet. Nate has also talked to organic chemists, genetic sculptors, climate change researchers, and more.

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