PogoplugIf you have concerns about cloud computing, but still want remote access to files, Pogoplug might be right up your alley. Pogoplug lets you turn an external hard drive into an online hard drive accessible anywhere via Pogoplug’s web interface.

In order to use Pogoplug, you need two other components: (1) an internet router with an open ethernet slot, and (2) an USB external hard drive. Once all the components are plugged in, you can access your external drive on both your desktop and through Pogoplug’s web-interface (both allow access to the entire contents of the drive).

You can also share folders and allow others to access just the folders via the web. Pogoplug has 3 extra USB ports to facilitate the use of up to 4 external hard drives. There are also apps for both the iPhone and Android that allow access from mobile devices.

In many ways, Pogoplug is similar to Dropbox, in the sense that the contents are accessible anywhere. Unlike Dropbox, Pogoplug does not store your files on a company server—when you log in remotely, you access the drive at your home or office. Theoretically, this results in more secure files. At the same time, the web-interface means your files are subject to the same security risks as other web accessible drives like Dropbox.

Pogoplug Updates: Gets File Sync, Extra USBĀ Ports | Web Worker Daily

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