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Maryellen Stockton

Lab Coach

As an HR Coach, Maryellen helps lawyers in our coaching program to navigate the challenges and opportunities of law firm teams.

Her brilliance on the team is:

Telling you like it is with a big Southern accent and smile! Maryellen isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear. Hiring a team and managing them can be challenging, but Maryellen helps lawyers engage in the hard conversations and remember all the little things that make a firm culture worth celebrating.


I couldn’t have gotten through the hiring and later firing process without Maryellen’s support.


<span style=”color: #ff7062;”>“</span>Put Maryellen into the mix and she’s the brightest and loudest cheerleader.<span style=”color: #ff7062;”>”</span>

Maryellen playing tennis at the Leslie Beach Club.
Maryellen at the Lola.

Her history and specialties include:

Maryellen is the founder of Work Well Wherever, a company dedicated to helping small businesses build and grow effective remote teams.

She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Marketing Concentration from University of South Carolina and is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional by the Society for Human Resource Management. 

She’s a current board member of Culture LabX, a community of founders, designers, and practitioners committed to redefining workplace culture.

Maryellen with her husband, daughter, and son.
Maryellen resting on a park bench after hiking a mountain.

Offline, you’ll find her:

Hanging with her amazing husband, son, and daughter, chatting with friends, playing tennis (she was an ALTA City Finals Runner Up in 2020), jamming to live music, and traveling.

You can get her talking about:

Ask her about the Gamecocks, Auburn, Atlanta Falcons, Fantasy Football or the time she meet one of her favorite musicians, Lionel Richie. Oh, and ask her to share all about living in Tanzania.

Her genius as a coach is:

Maryellen helps lawyers thoughtfully build their teams and create the culture they’ve envisioned for their firm through accountability and subject matter coaching in hiring, staffing, and HR. 


Lawyerist Lab Member

I finally nailed down accountability chart and job descriptions within the firm

Labcon and coaching with Maryellen made the biggest difference.”