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Karen Graves

Lab Coach

As a Lab Coach, Karen focuses on the whole spectrum, from sales and marketing, to identifying clients, to writing business plans and setting budgets. She thrives on connection and seeing businesses flourish as they apply what they learn.

Karen is a coaching and sales powerhouse. Karen’s passion lies in getting businesses past hurdles and the same tools she uses there are applied in everything she does. She brings her coaching shine to the team and levels up team meetings and even chit chat!


Karen is brilliant. She has a way of asking questions that makes every moment an ah-ha moment. I’ve never seen anything like it.


Karen has the admirable quality of balancing resounding empathy and confident brilliance. The best part is, she shares it freely.

Karen enjoys White Sands with her family.
Karen and family in matching PJs.

Her history and specialties include:

Karen earned her BS in Marketing from Hampton University. In 2008, she became a Certified Professional Coach through iPEC Coaching.

Karen started her career at Pfizer pharmaceuticals as part of the sales team. In her 10 years at Pfizer, she worked her way from sales rep to Team Manager for US Sales Training.

After receiving her coaching certification, she worked as a facilitator for the Women’s Enterprise Development Center, where she coached women starting businesses through all aspects of business planning.

Then, she moved to a new role as Franchise Business Coach for Mr. Electric. There, she provided technical, operational, and marketing guidance to franchise owners, as well as helped guide implementation of software and systems.

Karen also has a keen interest in helping women-owned businesses build and grow. She’s worked as a Sales Expert for wiseHer for the last several years. There, she helps women start, build, and grow their business, or rise higher in their corporate careers.

In addition to her corporate roles, Karen is also a business owner. In 2007, she started her own coaching business, helping coaches, consultants, and industry experts achieve business growth.

Family selfie.
Karen’s pups need a snack.

Offline, you’ll find her:

Spending time with her favorite humans and fur-babies.  Dancing to good music (live performances being her favorite). Or, searching for delicious food to fit her foodie needs and pretending to be a sommelier. She also enjoys any and every beach she can find.


You can get her talking about:

All things sales, marketing and business growth, breaking through societal stigmas, metaphysical energy-related topics. And, focusing on ways to find peace, joy, and fulfillment in an ever-changing world.

Her genius as a coach is:

Beyond sales, Karen’s a confident and inspirational coach—she can harness confidence in anyone. She is a person who really listens and cares when others speak, and someone who you want to listen to when she speaks. Karen is adaptable to people, and can sense what they need very quickly.

Eric Johnson

Karen single-handedly transformed my business.

When I first started working with her, my sales calls flopped (the few I attempted). I didn’t know what to say to get clients to say yes. I was stuck. I wasn’t making enough money to even call my business a business. Karen’s insights and coaching helped my sales calls go from uncomfortable and awkward to enjoyable, engaging and profitable! Now, I know what people want and what they need to hear. I know what I’m selling and I’m confident making my offers. Within 90 days of working with Karen, I had 10 new clients. I’m making the most money I have ever made in my business and love what I am doing.”