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Chris Belloso

Marketing Specialist

As a marketing specialist, Chris handles podcast production, outreach, and promotion, making sure we look and sound great, on the right platforms.

His brilliance on the team is:

Chris, as they say, is as cool as a cucumber. He’s flexible and eager to jump into new ideas and plans and rolls with them. Part of his brilliance and passion is actively building an inclusive community. He is always seeking feedback and effortlessly owns our Seek Candor value.


Chris is thoughtful in his work. He wants to get things right, not just done. He’s not afraid to ask questions and offer feedback if it means doing a better job.


Chris excels at picking things up and running full speed ahead. He’s such a reliable team member who knows how to keep the train moving down the tracks!

Chris hiking with his wife.
Chris and his nephew.

His history and specialties include:

Chris is an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a history working in the marketing and advertising industry. 

He founded the Elevate Program, designing customized podcasting and marketing plans and strategies specifically for small business owners. 

He hosts two podcasts, The Beautiful Struggle podcast, and The Latin Wealth podcast. Both podcasts empower people of color to become more financially independent, educate them about entrepreneurship, and live the life they deserve. 

He graduated from California State University- San Bernardino with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship.

Chris and his wife.
Chris with his family.

Offline, you’ll find him:

Educating himself about finances and exploring new investment opportunities or traveling and creating new experiences with his wife.

You can get him talking about:

Other people’s perspectives on life, innovation, and the mindset it takes to succeed. He’s also ready to jump into less serious conversations around sports, travel, and culture.