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Ashley Steckler

Product Director/ Lab Coach

As Product Director, Ashley makes sure everything Lawyerist produces (i.e., our website, podcast, data-driven tools, partnership products, and content) is amazing and offers a great user experience for our audiences.

Her brilliance on the team is:

In many ways, Ashley is the glue for our team. She is our project-manager extraordinaire and manages to balance all the things on her plate effortlessly. She organizes, prioritizes, and produces loads of projects and content and helps bring focus and calm to the team. Ashley is smart, funny, and quirky in just the right way.


Ashley has a way of making everything I do better. She pops into a project, spreads her fairy dust, and the magic happens.


She is quietly, capably competent and supportive and kind, super hilarious, brilliant and strategic, and a joy to spend time with. Having Ashley on my side feels so lucky!

Ashley climbing a narrow slot canyon.
Ashley and her daughter as skeletons for Halloween.

Her history and specialties include:

In addition to her role at Lawyerist, Ashley teaches Social Problems at Bismarck State College. In previous roles, she was an Assistant Professor of Sociology and discipline lead at Bismarck State College, the Executive Director of Children’s Advocacy Centers of North Dakota, and an Operation’s Analyst and Marketing Manager at Doctor’s Best.

In 2018, she became a registered yoga teacher (and offers morning yoga at LabCon, though we don’t always call it that). She’s currently serving on the board of Dakota OutRight, an LGBT organization located in North Dakota.

Ashley earned a Bachelor of Science from the New York Institute of Technology and a Master of Arts in Sociology from Minnesota State University, Mankato. 

Ashley trekking through Nala, Nepal.
Ashley at home with her daughter.
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Offline, you’ll find her:

Hanging with her super cool daughter. Taking care of her 80+ plants (but who’s counting?), reading non-fiction, hiking, practicing yoga, spending time in the garden, or anything that allows her to be outside and find still moments.

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You can get her talking about:

How much her mini-RV, affectionately named “Betsy the carV,” brings her joy. And, if you want to philosophize, she’s your gal.

Her genius as a coach is:

Ashley helps lawyers break big, seemingly hard and overwhelming projects into bite-sized manageable pieces. She asks the right questions to help lawyers find the path that works best for them and allows them to fulfill their goals.