I confess, I am actually looking forward to Windows 7. When Vista came out, I jumped ship to Ubuntu. I was tired of boring, clumsy old XP, and Vista’s system requirements were ridiculous. But Microsoft has apparently dialed back the system requirements, so that most circa-2007 computers should have no problem running it.

That alone makes me interested, but one look at the interface shows that Microsoft is once again taking the best elements from other operating systems. The new taskbar is a near copy of Apple’s OSX Dock, and the new, easy-to-use wi-fi network manager is also a near-copy of Ubuntu’s network manager applet.

I don’t have any problem with that, and I really am looking forward to seeing if Windows 7 lives up to the hype. (Although Vista won’t be hard to improve on.)

Update: You can now pre-order you upgrade to Windows 7.

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