Best Law-Firm Websites, 2016 Edition


Free: 10 Things the Best Law-Firm Website Designs Have in Common

For seven years, Lawyerist has published an annual list of the best law firm websites. Now, you can find out what they have in common.

We got a huge response to our call for nominations this year. We got more than 150 nominations, and from those we narrowed the field down to the ten best. There were many good websites among the nominees, but this year’s top ten may be the strongest we have seen.

This year, we saw a lot of new websites, and unlike last year, the vast majority of the nominations we received were responsive. We also saw a lot of personality. The top ten include some strikingly simple design, a website for victims of sexual abuse with a nondescript “fast exit” button, an upbeat bankruptcy firm, emoji, and more.

We saw so many interesting websites, in fact, that 2016 may turn out to be the year that bad law-firm websites start to stick out like a sore thumb.

A word on the judging. This year we got help from Sam, Aaron, Holden, and Andy. We didn’t use any set criteria other than eliminating non-responsive websites. Feel free to weigh in with your own criteria in the comments.

Without further ado, here are the top ten of 2016 …

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  • Dina Lynch Eisenberg

    Gorgeous, funny, meaningful websites that are so encouraging to see. These lawyers demonstrate how well they understand their clients and the journey to their door for help. Bravo. Love your podcast.

  • Thomas Seeley

    love the creativity and the excellent content, but visually and structurally, these are all basically the same site. It is so inspiring to read the content others have come up with, but as a consumer, I’m not sure that would be enough for me to overcome these confusing and difficult to navigate designs.

  • Greg Stone

    I like this list a lot. The website choices were fantastic. I hope our firm can get on this list next year.

  • Thank you very much for IP LEGAL :)