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These were were the most popular discussions in the Lawyerist Lab in 2015.

1. What Practice Management Software Do You Use?

By far our most popular poll of the year, 543 lawyers voted for the practice management software they use. Clio and MyCase got the most votes, and many others were mentioned in the comments. But due to some aggressive getting-out-the-vote efforts, it’s impossible to say which software was actually the most popular.

2. Why Do You Still Use a gmail/yahoo/hotmail.com Email Address for Your Law Practice?

The general consensus: if you have a domain, you should be using it as your email address—and if you don’t, you should get one.

3. Producing Text Messages for Discovery and Litigation

While there is no solid answer on this one, two lawyers said a screenshot should suffice—as long as you aren’t trying to produce hundreds of pages of texts. (If you have a solution, you should leave a comment. The popularity of this discussion indicates many lawyers are trying to figure this out.)

4. Alternatives to Pitney Bowes

If you like podcasts, you already know the answer to this one: Stamps.com.

5. Which Apps Can’t You Live Without?

Find out what mobile apps we use, and let us know your favorites!

6. Clio, Wave, Xero, and Freshbooks

A small firm trying to figure out the right combination of software for timekeeping, billing, and accounting, got some help and advice from the Lab.

7. Should Dropbox Be Used to Send (and Receive) Discovery Documents?

Dropbox is a lot easier than sending boxes of documents, and it’s even easier than sending documents on a CD (and more likely to be useful, since many new computers don’t ship with CD/DVD drives any more). But is it secure enough?

Some pretty knowledgeable Lab members have weighed in with their thoughts.

8. Negotiating with Westlaw

Did you know you can negotiate a better price from Westlaw? The next time you have to buy or re-up a Westlaw subscription, you might find this discussion comes in handy.

9. What is Your Elevator Pitch?

How Lab members introduce themselves to potential new clients and business partners. (Some are, quite clearly, more likely to be effective than others.)

10. Is There any Legal Project Management Software Out There?

Not really, but it doesn’t matter. While there isn’t any legal specific project management software, plenty of “vanilla” project-management apps can meet the needs of a law firm.

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